Home Sample Collection

For many people, the idea of spending long hours in a lab or hospital may sound demotivating. Many people also avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests as they dread battling city traffic. In certain cases, travel-related stress can increase the risk of infection and delay recovery. At GP Labs, we are of the firm belief that health is apex priority. We do not want you to compromise on your health simply due to such deterrents. Hence, to ensure that high-quality health care becomes more accessible to the community, we have extended our services to Home Sample Collection. As the name suggests, Home Sample Collection is a service wherein representatives of GP Labs will provide diagnostic services at your doorstep.
Our healthcare specialists and trained technicians will arrive at your doorstep to collect the samples. They will conduct examinations and collect samples right from the comfort of your home. Home sample collection is especially beneficial to the elderly, chronically ill patients, patients recovering post-surgery and bedridden. They can benefit from the services of well-trained and qualified healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes. With Home Sample Collection, you can get your tests done timely and have a better track of your health. This service helps you have a fuller, healthier life.
Some common tests conducted at home include complete blood picture, blood sugar levels, HbA1C levels, Prothrombin time and INR, Liver function tests, kidney function tests, thyroid function tests, cardiac markers, arterial blood gases, serum electrolytes, ECG, Portable USG, Urinalysis. You will receive the test results the very next day either by email or post.
With the application of leading-edge technology, our laboratories provide rapid turnaround time, affordable testing and superior quality care. Our testing processes, methods and technology are consistent with best practices in the world. Our quality and standardization programs follow high levels of testing proficiency and standardization.
To get the best of healthcare from the comfort of your home, just reach out to our team by simply calling them. You can save the effort of going to a clinic or lab to get tests done by opting for Home Sample Collection.

Why Opt For Home Blood Sample Collection?

Patients are not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to home blood test in Bangalore. Usually, it is the elderly and aged people who prefer having these tests done from the comforts of their home thereby avoiding the many hassles of travelling. Similarly for morbid patients, traveling to a lab to provide their blood sample is not always a feasible option and they would rather opt for a home blood sample collection in Bangalore. Another major benefit of doorstep blood sample collection is that patients face less stress and anxiety compared to when they are visiting the lab where all the machines and an overall stressful environment will only make them more anxious.

Then there are the immunocompromised individuals who are more vulnerable to disease transmissions and can easily get infected. Due to the very environment of a clinical laboratory, it is always a blessing if they are able to get their blood sample collection done from home in Bangalore. There could be several other instances when one may opt for a blood sample home collection by a trusted diagnostic center. Often pregnant women have been found to be inconvenienced and they look for a nearby, reliable clinical laboratory to work with.

How GP Labs Addresses the Many Home Blood Collection Problems

Several problems often come up during a blood test sample collection from home in Bangalore. Hygiene is perhaps the biggest concern which most of the labs fail to properly address. At times, there is a limitation with the available equipment while the pricking needles are not always in perfectly sterile condition. Patients may even experience vasovagal shocks during a blood extraction if not done by experienced people with the right kind of skills. There is also a method to anatomical disposal which needs to be followed to the letter. Moreover, there could be behavioral issues with the home collection agents which certainly cannot be overlooked.
At GP Labs, we are wary of these aspects and try our very best to make home sample collection in Bangalore a pleasant and satisfactory experience for the patients. We have a team of expert, highly skilled staff who adhere to our strict hygiene protocols and provide empathetic treatment to the patients. We take pride in our well-versed professionals who ensure a comfortable environment for the patients.

Meeting Patient Expectations

A pleasant, comfortable experience is the first thing patients look for during a blood test home collection in Bangalore. Having a skilled technician with good knowledge and skills of the task to be performed at your disposal is always a bonus. Ease of performing the procedure and zero hassle are usually top priorities when opting for the best blood test at home in Bangalore.

At GP Labs, we commit ourselves towards providing the best experience to our patients. We also ensure on-time delivery of accurate reports, prioritizing your health and comfort above all else. Remember, we are just a call away and you can get in touch with us

What Makes GP Labs Your Trusted Companion?

GP Labs is not just a commercial establishment – we are an institution where all of us are bound by the oath of giving our best to serve the people of Bangalore. We treat our patients like family, always doing everything with their best interests in mind. Staff selection for home blood test in Bangalore is an area where we don’t make any kind of compromise and always look to have the highest quality of employees in the team. We give equal importance to hygiene while also putting our best foot forward with the use of advanced machines, accurate testing, and on-time delivery of test reports.