Nursing Care Services

What Is The Meaning Of Home Nursing Care?

Home nursing services in Bangalore in very simple terms refers to skilled nursing care provided to an individual in their home to help them recover and restore optimum health.

It can involve both Non – medical care and skilled medical care. Home nursing care can also be full time, shift nursing or hourly nursing and can be provided by a registered nurse or a home health aide depending upon the type of care needed.

Home nursing care may involve home care services like elderly care, medical, dental and nursing services like wound dressing, ostomy care, intravenous therapy, ventilator care, administering medication, monitoring the general well being of the patient, pain management and other health supports.

What Is Home Nursing Care in Bangalore?

Nursing care is a crucial part of the health care sector that primarily focusses on the care of patients or individuals requiring specialised medical care, so they can recuperate and thereby achieve and maintain optimum health and quality of life.
GP Lab’s nursing services in Bangalore in particular has been successfully striving ahead to bring forth the best of medical and non – medical nursing care you need at the comfort of your home.

Our Range Of Services
The range of home nursing services one can receive at home care in Bangalore is limitless, depending upon the patient’s condition, the nursing care can range from non – medical care to specialised medical services. Some of the many nursing services one can avail at GP Labs Bangalore home nursing services include;
a. Dressing
b. IV Injections
c. Monitoring of vitals and recovery progress.
d. Mini Day Care